I occasionally run group workshops. An example is below:

 Life, Career and Everything!

delivered in partnership with Career Coach Sinead Howland (info below). If you are interested in events like these please drop me and email or join my mailing list here:

A chance to reflect on where you are…. and where you’d like to be.

A workshop evening of reflection, goal setting and fresh-thinking led by Sinéad Howland, Career Coach and Kyla Booth-Lucking, Life Coach. This is the perfect chance to make those New Year’s Resolutions achievable this year in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

If you’ve ever wondered if coaching could help you, this evening will provide the chance to work directly with two different coaches – 2 for the price of 1!

Everyone will leave with a new understanding of themselves and what they would like to change in their life or career for the New Year.

SPECIAL OFFER: Anyone attending will be entitled to 10% discount off future coaching sessions with either coach.

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