I’m Kyla Booth-Lucking.shutterstock_200018462 copy

I’m an Accredited Coach specialising in working with artists and women.

There are lots of definitions of coaching. For me, coaching is a chance for the client to have time and space to think about a goal they would like to achieve in their life. It might be something they would like more or less of, a change they would like to make or to deal with a problem they’re facing. It is completely confidential. Examples that my clients often bring to a session.

  • work/life balance
  • transition from working woman to motherhood (and back again!)
  • improving or changing relationships
  • wanting more OR less of something in life
  • stress and anxiety
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • lacking confidence

I can also start a series of sessions with a ‘Life Overview’ which gives a chance for reflection on the client’s whole life before deciding where to put attention for subsequent coaching sessions.

Coaching usually takes place in 1 hour face-to-face sessions for 1, 3, 6 or 12 sessions. It is completely confidential. Sessions can take place in a work, private or cafe space depending on the client’s preference.


Testimonials from clients:

“The thing that stood out for me was that Kyla identified and challenged me to question what was stopping me from reaching my short-term goals. She made it very clear and brought in to focus what changes I needed to implement.  Achieving those gave me the boost I needed to go forward with the bigger challenges.” [anonymous client, Brighton]

Kyla is friendly and professional. She really listens and makes you feel totally at ease. By the end of our first session, I already felt much more positive and in control, and had some action points written down that meant I could take the momentum forwards into the rest of my week. I would recommend Kyla very highly.” [Elena, mid 30’s, writer, mum]

“After my coaching with Kyla I’m now where I want to be both professionally and personally. Kyla created a space for me to explore my goals and after a few sessions everything became clear.  Approachable, practical, I highly recommend working with Kyla.”  [David, artist manager, business development and project manager in community arts]

These sessions have been invaluable to me in this first year of working as a freelancer and working out what I want, how I want to work and what my form is. Thank you for your clarity of thought, important questions and open and generous presence.” [Rachel, early 20’s, artist]

My background:


I began my career as a dance manager working with a number of independent and regularly funded artists and companies. I have also worked as Producer, Fundraiser, Consultant and Acting Artistic Director for a £1million turnover dance organisation and as Dance Relationship Manager for Arts Council England.

Over the past 7 years I have increasingly worked as a  trainer, mentor, coach and advisor to a range of organisations and individuals.

I also run an arts production and management company, Clearcut, alongside my coaching work.



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